How to clean a cream leather sofa

Cleaning a cream leather sofa can be very challenging. Although the light colours can bring a plus of elegance to your home, they are extremely hard to maintain clean. Many people make a common mistake and use baby wipes on their furniture to wipe the dust off. DO NOT DO THIS EVER! Even though the baby wipes are safe for baby skin, they are extremely harmful for leather. By using unsuitable products, the protective layer is removed and the leather will soon start peeling and cracking.

We have recently spoken to one of our customers who tried using a leather cleaning product for car industry on her leather suite. Unfortunately the arm rest was left stained and with colour loss patches after using the product. Just because a product says on the label it’s for leather, it doesn’t mean it is a good quality product and it could cause irreversible damage.

How to look after your leather furniture

  1. Vacuum it regularly – Small particles of dust should be removed regularly with a house vacuum cleaner
  2. Wipe it off with a clean dry towel – If there is sticky residue you can use a damp towel, but just use fresh water
  3. Clean the spills as soon as they happen – The longer you leave the spills on the couch, the harder it will be to remove
  4. Get the couches professionally cleaned at least once per year – A professional leather cleaner will use the best products for cleaning and after care, leaving the sofa clean and moisturised.
  5. Do not use baby wipes – As said above, baby wipes will remove the protective layer of the sofa, resulting in cracks and peels.

Interested in how we clean a leather sofa?

In the video above you can see how we do the cleaning, All our leather cleaning technicians have extensive training so no risk for your expensive furniture. Using a special brush we will scrub the sofa very well. We use a mix of professional products that are extremely efficient for removing all the dirt. We pay a lot of attention to detail, and clean your couch in between the cushions, on the back and in all those little hidden spots. So, you can see the amazing difference on the arm rest and on the sitting part of this leather couch!

If you need to give your sofa a good cleaning, then you need to contact Happy Clean! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. Our agents are happy to talk to you at any time, as we have 24/7 customer service. Whether you just want some information or to make an appointment, call us today!