1. How long does it take to clean a leather suite and how long does it take to dry?
The cleaning time varies from suite to suite, but as an average it’s between one and three hours. At the end of the cleaning we apply a preserver which will hydrate the leather so you should leave that on for a couple of hours so the leather has time to absorb it.
2. Can you clean any kind of leather?
We clean any type of pigmented leather, the one that does not let water penetrate it. We always do a patch test so if it’s not cleanable we’ll let you know.
3. Is the cleaning safe for my suite?
Yes, the cleaning is 100% safe for your furniture. We only use dedicated products and we are fully trained, so there’s no risk.
4. My suite is scratched and it looks worn. Is there anything you can do?
We only clean the leather and apply the preserver at the end, which will hydrate the leather and make it look much better. Unfortunately we don’t do any repairs for the moment, so we wouldn’t be able to do anything about scratches, tears or signs of wear.
5. There is a bad smell in my sofa. Can you clean that?
Most of the times, YES. Though we can never guarantee to remove all stains or odours, we give your suite a good deep clean so that should remove all the bad smells like pet or smoke smell.
6. Do you clean the furniture in my house or do I need to bring it to you?
We clean the suites in the customer’s house so there’s no need to bring it to us. Hi we always protect the surrounding areas and nothing is at risk.
7. What is the best way to contact Happy Clean to make an enquiry or an appointment?
The best way to reach us is online, by sending us a message through our website, Facebook page or text us on our mobile. If you call us and we cannot answer we will definitely give you a call back!

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